Congratulations! You've found our website. So what's it all about? Well, if you want to find out more about us then it's the perfect place to be! I'm hoping to make this site all about me (Morgan), my wife (Amy) and our family - things like what we do and the things that interest us.

I'm also putting up the site as a showcase for our potential employers. Both of our C.V.s are here to view, print and download (in PDF and Word format) and you can also find quite a bit of content relating to my favourite hobby - computer programming. I'm pretty nuts about computer programming which I'm sure you'll see when you check out my project portfolio.

The site's pretty direct and to the point at the moment, but feel free to look around and come back later if you like. Don't forget to check out the projects page as I'm currently (yes, as of July 2012) posting new stuff up, games and HTML 5 goodness all around!

PLEASE BE AWARE: At the time of writing (13th July 2012), I *still* haven't yet made this site compatible with Internet Explorer. Currently the site has been built to work with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome/Chromium, compatibility with other browsers may vary.

Hope you enjoy your visit!